Das braucht Arbeitsrecht


Anti-discrimination topics had a marginal existence in Germany until a few years ago. In our view, this is increasingly changing however. Lawsuits filed on the basis of the German General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG) are becoming more frequent. We prepare your company for all AGG topics so that you are optimally equipped to deal with such issues.

Parties who diminish anti-discrimination topics solely to complaints in connection with job advertisements and with selection of applicants, fail to take into account the commercially most important risks for companies. Substantial risks exist for example with regulations related to company pensions or other company social benefits which contravene equal treatment regulations. We can help you to structure your regulations in a manner to assure conformity with the AGG.

Services of fringspartners:

  • Employee training and prevention of discrimination
  • Defence of AGG lawsuits
  • Drafting and negotiation of company regulations
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