Das braucht Arbeitsrecht

Compensation Models

Innovative variable compensation models are enjoying increasing popularity and use. Complex legal framework conditions are to be observed hereby which are subject to constant changes through case law. Through our many years of experience, we can structure needs-based models which reflect the current and also expected future efficacy requirements.

Whether you require bonus plans, commission regulations, long-term incentives, share option plans or reservations of voluntary status and revocations to be drafted, we prepare such with great care, tailored to the systems of your company. Structures are possible in this context both through employment contracts or company agreements and, in part, also through own collective bargaining agreements. We'll find the ideal solution for you.

Services of fringspartners:

  • Drafting of variable compensation models
  • Drafting of share option plans
  • Adjustment of employment contracts
  • Negotiations with works councils and unions
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