Das braucht Arbeitsrecht

Use of External Personnel

In order to increase their competitiveness and improve flexibility, many companies increasingly use external personnel. In this context, complex legal questions can result, in particular, when works councils are involved. We take you safely through all problems which can arise in this regard.

Personnel leasing has often been the object of regulatory amendments in the recent past. An end to this dynamic environment is not yet in sight. We support you in keeping your business operation always in compliance with the law and to avoid risks. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience and routine, in particular, in the area of conflict to other forms of use of external personnel such as on the basis of service contracts or contracts for works or with questions in the bordering area to pseudo-self employment.

Services of fringspartners:

  • Draft of personnel leasing contracts
  • Structuring of agreements with the works council for the use of external personnel
  • Defence of criminal and fine proceedings
  • Procurement of personnel leasing license
  • Negotiation with the licensing authorities
  • Group internal personnel leasing
  • Risk avoidance in the area of conflict between other use of external temporary personnel and personnel leasing
  • Advice on interfaces to social insurance law
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