Das braucht Arbeitsrecht

Works Constitution Law

In Germany, almost all major companies have a works council. Providing advice in collective labour law is the heart of our work. In this respect, we are convinced that sensitive dealing with the works council in a manner modified to the respective company situation is of central importance. Inclusion of the works council represents therefore an essential component of the company success. In this context, it is vital to find the right tone.

The German Works Constitution Law is unique world-wide. The possibilities of company co-determination permeate almost all areas of the work relationship. We can help you to keep an overview with all questions and support you as needed in the structuring of your company and supra-company regulations.

Services of fringspartners:

  • Advice and representation of employers in connection with reconciliation of interests and social plan negotiations
  • Drafting of company agreements
  • Representation in settlement proceedings, proceedings to replace the consent of the works council (with employment, job transfer and classification) and other collective law proceedings
  • Advice in handling complex collective bargaining agreement law (European works council, group and central works council as well as deviating structures of company employee representation)
  • Conduct of cases in labour court decision-making procedures nationally
  • Accompaniment and contesting of works council elections
  • Advice in all other works constitution law questions and matters
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