Dr. Benedikt Inhester

Dr. Benedikt Inhester primarily advises companies. He has particular expertise in the field of works constitution law.

His focus

Due to his experience as a corporate lawyer, Dr. Benedikt Inhester is particularly familiar with all typical questions of works constitution law. Negotiations with works councils are a focal point of his work. However, Dr. Benedikt Inhester is also very experienced in handling complex court disputes..

What distinguishes him

Dr. Benedikt Inhester is not only able to draw on experience from large law firms, but above all also as a corporate lawyer. He therefore understands in particular the requirements of the company and is able to provide advice in a targeted manner. As Head of Employment Law & Industrial Relations at the headquarters of an international corporation with more than 11,000 employees worldwide, he has industry experience. He therefore knows from his own experience what is important in advising companies on employment law.

Dr. Benedikt Inhester
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